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Playground Site Maintenance
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We provide a site-specific on-going maintenance program which will assure that your play-site regularly receives a Certificate of Compliance. These certificates document that safety compliance concerns are met. Each play site will be placed on an appropriate maintenance schedule. The schedule of frequency will be customized to your site based on the performance of the specific surfacing material, environmental factors and the amount of hours used by children.

Our Proactive Program Includes:

* Initial analysis and assessment of site

* Meeting to establish schedule of maintenance

* Upgrade existing surfacing on scheduled basis

* Periodic check of equipment for repairs

* Recommend additional surfacing or replacement as needed for safety compliance


* Critical Safety Issues are addressed

* Certificate of Compliance for Scheduled Period

We are available to conduct on-site training for your maintenance personnel. Under a services contract we will return and verify your site maintenance process and issue a Certificate of Compliance.

Contact us regarding maintenance franchise opportunities in your area.

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