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Case Review
Select cases we have assisted on:

Miller v. Aldrich, Barrie (Spr. 04)
Jury verdict $215,000. 3 year old drove unsecured jet ski that struck two elderly women, injuring one. (separate case held for other woman's fatal injury).

Judge v. West Valley Sch. (Fall 03)
Undisclosed figure. Issue of inadequate supervision. Child suffered loss of limbs when hit by train while walking home from school.

Salta v. U.S.A.,et al (Fall 03)
Settlement of $700,000 for injuries due to being run-over by National Guard driven float during school parade.

Soter v. Spokane City Sch. (Oct. 00)
Undisclosed 7 figure settlement. Issue was inadequate site preparation, construction and inadequate surfacing.

Prichard v. State of Wash. (Sept. 00)
Settlement of $5.875 Million. Issue was inadequate design, lack of fencing from hazard and inadequate supervision at state campground.

Kelleher v. Ellensburg(WA) et al (Feb. 00)
Settlement of $3.5 Million. Issue was inadequate site design, inadequate maintenance of surfacing, inadequate supervision of volunteer crew installing playground.

King v. Snohomish (WA) Co. Parks (Nov. 99)
Jury awarded $80,000. Issue was dangerous play-site. Design created latent condition and park failed to warn. Note: Jury rejected Recreational Immunity Statute defense.

Wheaton v. Lake Stevens (WA) School District (Apr. 99)
Settlement agreement $900,000. Issue of hazardous condition and negligent supervision during after-school dismissal.

Bruckman v. Los Angeles Unif. Sch. Dist. (Oct. 93)
Jury awarded $2 million. Issue was staff negligent in supervision level, ratio, and monitoring during school recess.

Coulter v. Spokane (WA) Public Schools (May 92)
Jury awarded $72,500. Injury due to playground fall. Negligence found due to surface type and condition. Court held CPSC guidelines admissible as standard of care in the industry.

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We have offered expert witness services on children's injury litigation since 1989. Our background, experience, and acquired expertise make us a highly sought firm for assessing issues of negligence. We have received high praise from several WSTLA attorneys. If you need thorough reports, case issue consultations, careful investigation and personnel that stand up through deposition and trial testimony we are the firm to contact.


Law firms in Washington, California, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Florida, NY, Georgia and B.C. Canada have used our services. We have conducted investigations in several areas of litigation, including playground, aquatic, cheerleading, athletic, and gymnasium settings. Issues have included:

* Supervision and Staff Training

* Compliance with Safety Standards

* Design and Layout Compliance

* Surfacing and Fall Protection

* Student Rules and Conduct

If your legal association would like to know more about this area contact us regarding seminar appearances.

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