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Our Research Projects

Beaverton School Research. On-site study implementing supervision model to reduce playground injury.

CDC and WA Dept. of Health. Statewide injury assessment and program of site changes for playground injury reduction.

Whatcom Co. Health Dept.. Identfy hazard on 22 school play-sites and develop data based system for tracking improvement.

Other Research Findings

CDC found significant injury rates in Atlanta Day Cares (J. Sacks, MMWR, Oct.88)

Journal of Trauma (L. Lewis, Dec. 93) and New Zealand research (D. Chalmers, Univ. Otago, 96) found falls from equipment dangerous above 5' in height.

Thompson & Assoc

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Thompson & Assoc. has been actively involved since 1983 in field studies to identify the causes and to reduce children's injuries at play-sites. The results of these studies form the basis for the programs we offer. Our reseach findings include:

- Pivotal five year study on the causes of injury for 600 elementary children.

Results Showed 70% of injuries are reduced by adequate supervision.

Design Standards not being met account for 25% of play-site injuries.

- Statewide Injury Prevention Project for CDC found Washington State playgrounds averaged 1.5 inches of surfacing but equipment exceeded 6 feet in height.

Results of 15 schools' injury reporting showed play-sites accounted for 73% of elementary school injuries and younger children were injured more often on equipment than older children.

Equipment design and selection may be a key to reducing younger children's injuries.

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