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We have 12 years experience in providing on-site training. Our state and national clients have included:

Great American Insurance

Washington State Department of Health

Crawford & Co. Risk Management

School Risk Managers

Washington Head Start Directors

State Child Care Licensors

Numerous County and City School Districts

Thompson & Assoc.
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Insurance companies and some safety organizations claim that 80% of injuries are due to the behavior of people while 20% are due to the failure to meet environmental safety standards. If true, then trained personnel can make a significant difference in reducing injury.

On-Site Training

We provide HALF DAY to ONE WEEK training sessions for your staff. The training can address a number issues tailored to your needs. These include

* Playground Safety Assessments

* School injury Reporting Systems

* Play-Site Supervision

* Age Appropriate Play-Sites

Our staff offers training on maintenance for safety compliance of play-sites.

We are noted for our dynamic presentations. Full or half day sessions have been requested by:
International Health Organization
Washington Trial Lawyers Association
Centers for Disease Control
Oregon PTA
EPIC Head Start Programs
Arizona School Administrators

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